Akick Data Backup

Backup files – old and new

Use this software to get a backup of all files on the drive of your computer. This software can be used to back up files on external drives as well.

Restore back up files

It restores files with ease. Any deleted or corrupted files can be recovered and restored on the system.

Protect data with password

Keep data protected with a password. It saves files stored on a drive and prevents them from getting hacked.

Data Backup


The Akick Data Backup software is developed to serve the purpose of keeping a backup of files and folders. The backup files can be kept secure with password protection. Storage or backup of files is facilitated in computer drives, storage devices, FTP and networks. So, anything stored with this software stays safe as the files can be recovered anytime even if they get deleted. This software allows both backup and restore of files that can be video, music, doc, html or any other file format.

List of important attributes of Akick Data Backup software:

  • It keeps backups - safe and secure
  • Backup options are indicated separately – Hard Disk, File Transer, Network Transfer
  • Recovery of deleted files possible
  • Backup and restore process is easy and fast
  • Trail version is available
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Let’s put spotlight on the latest features of AKick data backup software.

Compare Features

Backup all types of files; New, old or large.
Set password protection on Backup files.
Multiple Storage location Options.
Check all Backup Log details.
Allow backup up to five files.
Multiple file backup option.
Compatible with all major platforms like windows.
Recover backup files and save to desire location.
Store backup also on FTP and Network system.

Product Overview

Folders and files can be stored as a backup with the Akick Data Backup software. The backup files are secured with a password. So, no one can access it from a drive. Security is further beefed up as backup data files are not readable by any other software. Only the Akick Data Backup software should be used to recover the files. The software is versatile as it allows storing and restoring any type of file formats such as video, music doc, html, etc.

Restore of back up files

Suppose data is stored in a pendrive and the system is formatted. Then recovery of data is possible from the pendrive. But, both backup and recovery should be done using the Akick data backup software. It can be used to backup any file or folder. The backup files or folders are protected with a password. Any number of files and folders can be stored or recovered once the software is activated.

Backup available in Trial version too

The trial version of this software allows backup of up to five files or folders. However, in the trial version, you are not allowed to restore files. To do unlimited storing and restoring of files just activate your data backup software. Then restoration and backup of files become very easy along with password protection of stored files and folders.

This software is easily installed; it is installed in the system compatible with all latest versions of operating system including:

  • 1. Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • 2. Windows Vista Service Pack 1
  • 3. Windows 7 or Windows 8 or above

Data Backup Screenshots


The Akick Data Backup software is a marvellous tool for the backup of important data, files and folders. This software allows storing of files and folders on disk partitions, external drives, and FTP. The backup files can be restored anytime in-case an accidental file loss or corruption takes place. The backup files can also be kept secure with a password protection layer. It is impossible for anyone to break the security as the backup files are not readable without the right password. Response time is fast that enables easy data backup and restore.