Akick Data Recovery

Data recovery of deleted files

Recover deleted files with the help of the Data Recovery software

Easy retrieving options

There are numerous recovery options available. Data files can be retrieved without delays. Files can be recovered from any drive.

Selective recovery of files

There is the option to selectively retrieve files that can be image, music, videos or document files.

Data Recovery


The Akick data recovery allows recovering data that get deleted accidentally. This software works fine to recover data from computer’s hard disk or any external drive. It scans a drive to show all data deleted. It also tells about the recovery chances of a file. This being a light-weighted software takes little space and it is easy to handle.

Things that add excitement in Data Recovery software

  • It is used to recover files in all types of drives – internal and external
  • Informs about recovery chances of files
  • Image, Media (PDF, Music), Videos & Document files can be retrieved
  • Recovery of files that got deleted accidentally is possible
  • Light-weighted software
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Automatic and instant file recovery.
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Can view the deleted files list before recovery.
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malware removal tech support
Recovers any type of files from any storage device.
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Compatible with major platforms like Windows.
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Recovers unlimited files from multiple storage devices.
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Deep scanning of entire storage device & disks.
Recovers recently and previously deleted files.
Recovery of multiple file formats like DOC, PNG, MP3, etc.

Product Overview

Recover lost files swiftly

Lost files can be recovered swiftly with the help of this software. Just select the drive where the file was saved and conduct a scan. The Data Recovery software finds out the file that is lost and recovers it instantly. It is also possible to conduct selective scans of image files, media files, videos, and doc files. Recovery of all files is possible if they are deleted. However, if a drive is formatted by the user, then it won’t be possible to recover any file.

Recovers data under all conditions

The Akick data recovery software is genius in recovering data from drives that either crashed, got corrupted, or repartitioned. The software scans and brings out all files that got deleted on a drive. The drive can also be external like a pen drive, memory card, SD card, external hard drive and others. While conducting scans, the software informs about the status of recovery chances. So, users get to know exactly whether a file recovery is possible on the system.

Retrieves specific file formats

This recovery software retrieves files of all formats. It can be like an image (.jpeg) file, media (pdf, MP3) files, videos (.avi, gif) and doc (.docx) files. The user just has to make a selection and then the software starts searching the required files on a specified drive. The recovery time is also short as the software pulls out deleted items and places them back on the drive. This software restores all deleted files on a drive if the drive is not formatted by the user.

This software is easily installed; it is installed in the system compatible with all latest versions of operating system including:

  • 1. Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • 2. Windows Vista Service Pack 1
  • 3. Windows 7 or Windows 8 or above

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The data recovery software is an amazing way to provide protection of data stored in a PC or an external drive. This software ensures retrieving information that is lost or erased unintentionally. It restores the files back to their original drive. So, any important file kept in a system drive can be retrieved even if it deletes out. The software is easy to install and works fast to bring back deleted files. It is also user-friendly and makes recovery possible of all file formats.