Akick HD video Downloader

Innovative software to get videos easily

The Akick HD video downloader is an amazing software that can be used to download videos from the internet.

Downloads Quality Videos

It is easy to select the quality of the video before downloading. Hence, whatever videos get downloaded are of the highest quality.

Bug free and High speed download

The software downloads Youtube videos quickly and there are no virus issues or threats. The high downloading speed is very impressive.

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The Akick HD video Downloader allows downloading of Youtube videos at an ease. This software is trusted and relied upon for easy download of videos at an incredible speed. The software is very easy to use as a user just needs to copy-paste the video url, select the quality of video, and click on download button. The video gets saved on the PC and it remains virus-free.

Features of Akick HD video Downloader that make it outstanding:

  • It is a light software and installs on any PC configuration
  • Video downloading speed is fabulous
  • Users can select video quality 3GP, MP4, avi, HD, etc
  • Simple installation/ uninstallation process
  • User friendly UI
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Product Overview

Download videos rampantly

Videos can be extensively downloaded with the HD video downloader. This downloader allows storing of Youtube videos on a PC in a hassle-free way. The downloading speed is impressive and it is very user-friendly. Before getting the software installed on your system, you can also try out the free trial version. Later, you can get this light-weighed software installed on the PC so as to download amazing videos.

Flawless downloading of quality videos

The software allows easy downloading of videos from internet without any errors. The user just needs to copy-paste the video url and select the quality (3GP, MP4, avi, HD, etc). Thereafter, the video downloads and gets stored on the PC. There are no unnecessary halts or delays. Thus, it is possible to keep transferring videos and storing huge collection of video files on a system. It satiates the need of people who are video fans as now they can easily download high quality videos.

Keep videos virus free

Akick HD video downloader stores videos in a virus-free way so that files do not get corrupted. Thus, whatever videos are downloaded can be easily opened and played. The downloader keeps virus threats into consideration and keeps the system safe and secure. So, when you are downloading videos at an amazing speed, it is always kept virus-free. Hence, the compiled video files become the best possession of a user.

This software is easily installed; it is installed in the system compatible with all latest versions of operating system including:

  • 1. Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • 2. Windows Vista Service Pack 1
  • 3. Windows 7 or Windows 8 or above

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Get the Akick HD video downloader easily installed on the PC. After finishing installation, open it to download video files from Youtube. Just open the video that needs to be downloaded and paste its url on the downloader software. Make selections of desired quality and click on the download button. The video instantly starts downloading and completes in just no time. Store the video on desired destination drive. The software allows downloading of several video files quickly and keeps them virus free.