Akick PC Optimizer

Speed up PC by removing invisible malware

PC optimizer detects invisible malware, unwanted files and programs that impede PC speed. Cleans the system to increase speed.

No Regular Freeze or Crash of computer

Stops crashes, halts, and hangouts. Retains speed

Install easily to experience blazing Speed

Installation process of PC optimizer is simple. Puts PC on a blazing speed mode. No regular slowdown, restart or shutdown of PC.

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The Akick PC Optimizer is a drastic way to bring in change of PC speed. This software is innovatively created to clean up files that aid in slowing down speed of a PC. It cleans malware and accelerates PC to a level that is highly admired. A computer can be used non-stop and keeps performing at high speed. It keeps a regular check of unwanted files and ensures that the speed of the system is never slow down because of unwanted files.

Key points that make PC Optimizer fabulous:

  • It accurately identifies files that impede PC speed and then removes them
  • Speeds up a system incredibly
  • Avoids computer stalls and shut downs
  • Keeps the PC virus free
  • Application programs launches quickly and there remains no delay in operations
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Product Overview

Revive computer speed with the new PC Optimizer

When a PC goes slow, users have to face a lot of setback that hampers their efficiency in work. This situation needs immediate redressal and it comes from the Akick PC Optimizer software. This software is a boon for a PC as it helps to keep it clean, fresh, and fast. Any programs or files that can slow down the PC are removed with immediate attention by the software. So, it maintains good speed and helps to keep a PC optimized.

Optimizes PC speed for better performance

The Akick PC Optimizer software is undoubtedly a sound software as it does the work of an anti-virus and also optimizes the speed of a PC. This software removes unwanted files that pose a threat to the PC’s speed and performance. Hence, when the software removes undesired files from a system, it helps to keep it clean. Then it also operates to enhance the computer’s speed. Thus, it serves right to increase the speed and better the performance of a system.

Think tank for your PC

Akick PC Optimizer software does good analysis of your PC and detects files that are hampering the PC performance. It then removes them selectively so that the computer starts to function better and its speed goes up. Hence, programs run faster and the user can work on multiple application software simultaneously. As, the performance of the PC elevates, so it feels great to work on the system.

This software is easily installed; it is installed in the system compatible with all latest versions of operating system including:

  • 1. Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • 2. Windows Vista Service Pack 1
  • 3. Windows 7 or Windows 8 or above

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The Akick PC Optimizer is built to make a PC function at a high speed. Therefore, if there is a sluggish system that does not respond quickly, this software comes as a healer for its sluggishness. It speeds up the PC by removing unwanted files that retard its performance. Hence, the system remains clean from malware while its speed also keeps increasing.