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Best Antivirus For PC

Akick Antivirus

Akick Antivirus, the ultimate solution for your PC, ensures error-free performance and a virus free existence of your PC in real time. This software resolves all issues related to spyware, malware, and viruses that serve as an aide to stall systems. On installation, the program cleans the system against all possible threats and builds a firewall to annihilate incoming threats. Personal information can be kept secure and any work or online transactions are carried out without encountering hacking possibilities.

Best System Security with no virus intrusion.

Best Security Software

Akick Total Security

Using internet is no more a risk when Akick is installed on the PC. This antivirus erects a firewall that is impossible to penetrate by any outside threat. So, spyware, key loggers, malware, worm, and viruses are kept outside the fringe of the firewall created by Akick. This gives complete security to a system. The automatic virus detection ability also keeps systems safe.

Full system security with no hacking possibility.

All in one Document Converter

Akick Document Converter

The PDF to Excel Converter is what makes it very convenient to work on a system. This product of Akick makes conversion of pdf files possible in different formats. Here, it is possible to split a pdf, merge it, lock or unlock a pdf, and do OCR before converting it to other file extensions. The conversion takes place instantly and allows the user to get document files (doc, docx), excel file xls, power point ppt, image files (.jpg, .tiff), html files (.htm) and other file formats as required.

Hassle free conversion of documents to different file formats.

Download Free Image Editor Software

Akick Image Editor

The image editor software is an innovative tool of Akick that gives way to creative thinking and allows a user to edit pictures as desired. Downloading this free Image editor software, makes it easy to add effects, change color themes, infuse creativity, change the background, crop the image, and give it an attractive look. This software is easy to download and install on any PC, irrespective of its configuration.

Make Impeccable Images on your own easily.

Best Free PC Optimizer

Akick PC Optimizer

PC optimizer escalates the speed and performance of a system. Keeping this in view, getting the PC optimizer installed in a system can be very rewarding. This software adds new life to a sluggish PC and makes it perform better and faster. That is what makes the optimizer a sure necessity as it gives a great push to a system to boost its performance and efficiency.

Improves PC speed and performance.

Software Removal Tool

Akick Perfect Uninstaller

When it comes to removing unnecessary programs, the developer has made it an easy process with the Akick Perfect Uninstaller. This uninstaller has its unique functionality that gives it the command to remove unwanted files and programs at its own discretion. The user has to just initiate the uninstaller and then it takes charge to remove programs that a user may not require anymore. Its action helps to improve the performance of a system and to increase its speed.

Perfectly Uninstalls any Type of Programs.

HD Video Downloader

Akick HD Video Downloader

Downloading HD video has never been as exciting as it is with the Akick HD Video downloader. This downloader saves big videos on your PC in minutes. This comes along with virus protection as the system is kept safe from external threats while downloads take place. The software runs on all OS with an easy installation process that makes it user-friendly. With links available, it becomes possible to directly open videos and MP3 music collections to download them on a PC.

Downloads Videos and Music uninterruptedly.

Password Safeguard software

Akick Password Safeguard

The Akick Password Safeguard is developed to help users keep privacy of the password that they are using and also allow them to maintain multiple passwords. In case, a password is lost or forgotten, then there is also the option to recover the earlier password. This software also keeps users safe from phishing concerns. It is easy to be installed and is compatible on windows 7/8/Vista/XP. Passwords get saved automatically.

Keeps your password and personal information safe.

Data Backup software

Akick Data Backup

Keeping a backup of data is facilitated by the Akick Data Backup software. It allows users to keep a back log of important files and folders. The backup can be stored in a computer drive or an external drive. This software works fine when it comes to system management and security of data. It saves folders with a password security. What it does is files are no more readable until the user enters the correct password. It keeps folders safe from viral attacks.

Keeps your password and personal information safe.

Data Recovery software

Akick Data Recovery

Data recovery of deleted files or folders is possible with the Akick Data Backup software. It is amazing to restore files that got corrupted or got lost due to an accidental delete. It is capable of recovering any kind of file that got erased from a drive. Restoration is possible from external storage devices, cloud storages, and system drives. After the recovery is completed, deleted files get restored in their previous order.

Restore files with an ease and stay safe.

PC Speed Up Software

Akick PC Booster

A slow PC halts and makes it difficult to perform tasks quickly. So, it becomes essential to boost up the speed of a system when it becomes slow. A system normally slows down when new applications are installed or there is insufficient disk space on the system. So, installing the PC speed up software helps to overcome the snag as it accelerates speed to help systems perform tasks quickly.

Needs are fulfilled with high end support system.

Best Watermark Creator Software

Akick Watermark Creator

The watermark creator software is designed to help users make unique logos and multiple images. This software has the capability to create multiple logos in one go. Its user-friendly interface makes it simpler for people to create images with the templates provided. It makes adjustable text, and editing of created logos is also possible. This software is supported on all window platforms and its installation is also easy.

Experience the joy of making logos and creating images with innovative software.


Proficient Protection Measures For Your System

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Social Page Protection
Scans web, Twitter®, & Facebook® links
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Block Harmful Programs
Blocks viruses, spyware, & other malware
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Automatic Cleanup Browser
Get rid of annoying browser add-ons.
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Email Protection
Warns you of malicious attachments
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Secure All Data
Encrypts & password-protects private files
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Online Shield
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Enhanced Firewall
Blocks hackers for safer shopping & banking
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